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My Love for  Art ,Creativity and Custom Bikes inspired me to open up my shop in 1994.
Through the years I have been blessed with great clients that have trusted me with their bikes, whether its a wreck, repair or a complete canvas with creative license to create a show winning ride the journey continues and I look forward to what each new day brings, whether its just giving advice to someone who wants to paint their own bike, giving ideas to fit any budget, helping with insurance disputes or busy working on a project bike and looking forward to seeing the big smiles when the project is completed and my customer sees it for the first time.
I have always believed in giving back, my heart goes out to the thousands of homeless, abused and neglected animals which is why I involved in rescue, every job I take in I give a portion back to reputable rescues I work with, to help vet, feed and place them into loving homes, because together we can make a difference, so by supporting my shop you support them!
I do not discriminate as to what you ride, and am open to the creative realm no matter what the medium is! ART HOLD NO BOUNDRIES!



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